i'm weird problems, also known as becca.
Graphic Design, Photography, and Digital Media student with a passion for learning, collaborating, and creating as well as a need to break the rules.

concerts and festivals are one of my favorite places to be on this planet. there's something so enchanting about every aspect of it between the lights, some getting lost in the music, the energy that fills the space, a performer laying it all out there, and I could go on. being able to capture the essence of any given moment is something near and dear to my heart.

being an artist who then got into design started a never ending internal struggle. one side tells me to color outside the lines with reckless abandon and the other side tells me if I color outside those lines my work won’t  Show up when printing. so I did the most logical thing any avid rule breaker would do and obsessively learned the rules of design just so that I could find ways to break them. along the way I just discovered that following or breaking the rules didn’t matter as long as what I ended up with made people think or feel something. (though breaking the rules is usually a much more fun way to arrive there).

so, with all that being said,

let’s create. 
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